Can your e-commerce application be installed on my existing website or with a different design than this sample website?
The application can be applied to any site and integrated into any website design/layout. The store, checkout and customer account areas can exactly match your current design scheme. Once your website design has been applied to the Symply the Best Pro shopping cart files, all ecommerce features such as products addition|management, discounts, store settings, shipping rules, orders and customer management are controlled through the included web-based administration system. You can also change your site design anytime without affecting your store content and settings. Symply the Best Pro customer support even provides free design integration assistance to help you apply your current site design, integrate a new website design or modify the sample store to match your exact display requirements with the shopping cart files.
The images do not show up and/or links do not work in the website menus or emails sent from my store (tell-a-friend, password retrieval, order confirmation, shipping confirmation or specials notifications, etc.)
Please verify that the website's URL (domain name or IP address) is correctly setup in the web-based admin. The store's domain or ip address should be set in the admin under Store Setup > Store URL & Default Page Configuration|Settings.
System-generated emails are not being sent from the online store. (i.e. Order Confirmations, Password Reset Requests, Tell-A-Friend Messages, etc.)
Your hosting account or server may need to use a specific SMTP server to send out email messages. By default, the application is configured to use the php mail function which sends out messages internally. If you are not receiving messages, check with your hosting provider or server administrator to see if you should enter an SMTP server address in the web-based admin mail configuration settings and/or use SMTP authentication when sending web-based messages from your online store.
I added a product or event and the new item does not appear in the search results?
The item must be enabled (set to active "ON") and at least one image must be set to 'Appear In Search Results' in the the item's image manager for the product to appear on the store.